Grandson of Muhammad Ali in the footsteps of the “boxing legend”

The grandson announced the legend of boxing Mohammed Ali, his first professional homes on August 14. Nico Ali Walsh, the grandson of the late boxer Mohammed Ali, said that his next house meant a lot for him and is an extension to the legacy of his grandfather. Nico signed a contract with Top Rank, owned by the famous Bob Rank, famous in the field of boxing window, which has been supervised by 27 homes for the late Mohammed Ali. The 20-year-old young man, the next remarriage, was considered a great responsibility that could not be underestimated, because many would see him as an extension of Muhammad Ali. “It was a good fighter, who will believe that after many years, we will promote the first professional appearance,” Rum said. He added: “I hope that Niko will walk on his grandfather’s approach, he is a great young man, which is expecting from Mohammed Ali’s grandson,” BBC said. Nico has fought 30 remnants for amateur so far and plays in the average weight category. Niko is the son of Rachida Ali, the daughter of Mohammed Ali, who died in 2016, after a conflict with Parkinson’s disease.

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