Guinness Book of World Records for the second time

 The national paragliding team has completed a full preparation to start the championship and implement the first jumps, with Qatar participating in the tournament with two teams. It was announced during the opening of the national paragliding team in the Guinness Book of Records for the second time on January 11, 2012, as the largest paragliding formation in the world consisting of 25 jumps in the city of Evora, Republic of Portugal. Qatar is now participating in the championship with two teams, the first team, which consists of four jumpers and an aerial photographer, and the second team, the team of accuracy of the goal and consisting of 7 jumpers, which represented a great achievement for Qatar Air Sports, and a new world record of the International Air Sports Federation, as well as the Asian Federation.

There are high hopes for the two teams to achieve good results throughout the days of the tournament, especially in light of the good preparation provided by the Qatar Air Sports Committee over the past months, during which the jumpers showed a level more than wonderful and achieved good results, and everyone looks forward to achieving a new achievement in addition to the series of his global achievements.

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