How much did “Coca-Cola” lose after Ronaldo’s “strange” behavior?

Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo, told Coca-Cola, during a press conference before Pond and Hungary at the Championship of Europe 2020, with a decline of $ 4 billion in stock prices of giant soft drinks. Once Cristiano Ronaldo on the table is in preparation for the start of the press conference, so there is no luck to the presence of my chocolate “Coca-Cola,” he said. The star of the Portuguese ball was grabbed with a waters who were also in front of him, and lifted it in the air, a follower of water. The repercussions of Ronaldo behaved on Coca-Cola, a British newspaper reported that the company’s shares fell from 56.10 to $ 55.22 immediately after Juventus and the Italian league targets. According to the British newspaper, the market value of Coca-Cola fell after its shares fell from $ 242 to $ 238 billion. “Coca-Cola” responds Coca-Cola, Tuesday, told a formal statement on the behavior of Ronaldo, who is following up at least 300 million people. “Tastes and needs are different when it comes to drinks,” the statement said.

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