Hummels’ own goal gives France a 1-0 win over Germany

Mats Humils recorded an adverse target was enough to give France win 1-0 on Germany at the beginning of their 6th group of Europe’s football tournament to lose Germany’s opening match at the European Championship finals for the first time. The world’s champion progressed in the 20th minute after Lucas sent a strong crossover of the left in front of the goal. Humils tried to distract it but the ball hit his foot and scandal. France achieved a disadvantage after being paid in the bar, while the Germans will have to flee in front of Portugal on Saturday as France will face Hungary. Germany’s 50th game in Europe, a record was cautiously warned before France wasted two chances across Paul Bujba and my ambition. The visiting team began to phase-out with the speed of the wing and this was used in the 20th minute when he played a wonderful passing passed to the stadium to Lucas Hernandez, who sent a cross. Germany was excluded from the squad more than two years ago , By mistake in the goalkeeper Manuel Noir. Germany, who wants to reconcile his fans, has not succeeded after leaving the 2018 World Cup, in breaking into France’s defense. When he succeeded in rare times, he was achieved across Robin Jossens on the left and found one of his incident Elikay Jendogan, who paid away. France has almost registered in the 52th minute of another fast response survival, Adrian Rabio has seen on the left, but paid in the place. The hospitality has pushed to respond to three consecutive opportunities where Jossians played a role before Benjamin Bavid after an hour later to give France some rest for breathtaking. France gradually began to lose the acquisition of the ball, but its outstanding attacks continued to be dangerous, with Mbaibi and Karim Benzema two goals due to infiltration. The judgment also denied a penalty after running faster than Homeless to catch a long reel in the 78th minute. With this victory, France is without defeating in the last 17 official matches and maintained its calm to the end to reveal its intentions in the title after the second group was held behind Portugal, which won Hungary 3-0 earlier on Tuesday.

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