I apologize to the team audience …Salcedo

An apology and praise for all the players for all that they have done in the tournament and all that they have been able to accomplish throughout history. Salcedo commented on the picture also saying: I hope that we will allow the opportunity to take revenge and achieve the title in the next version through the experience that we have where they have already had a professional experience in the European leagues, starting with Fiorentina italian team in the season 2016-2017 and then moved to the German team Interakht Frankfurt, who played in his ranks until 2019 to return again to the Mexican League from the Gate of Tigress, and make this news history.

It is worth mentioning that Salcedo provided great levels in the tournament and contributed to the good performance shown by the Mexican team we will return again the interaction of the fans of the Mexican team Tigress Onal with the image of Carlos Salcedo, in which he appeared sad after the end of their match against Bayern Munich in the final of the World Cup of Club Qatar 2020.

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