Ikea adopts Ronaldo’s famous move and introduces “Cristiano bottle”

The world’s most famous home furnishing company, Ikea, took advantage of Cristiano Ronaldo’s move to promote water and reject a bottle of Coca-Cola, during the Euro 2020 tournament, in a new product for it. The removal of the Portuguese national team star, Cristiano Ronaldo, from two bottles of “Coca-Cola”, during a press conference before the meeting of his country and Hungary in the European Championship 2020, coincided with a decrease of 4 billion dollars in the share prices of the giant soft drink company. As soon as Cristiano Ronaldo sat at the table in preparation for the start of the press conference, he noticed that there were two “Coca-Cola” bottles, so he moved them to another place on the table so that they were not in front of him, even though “Coca-Cola” is one of the official sponsors of the “Euro 2020” tournament. Then the Portuguese football star grabbed a water bottle that was also placed in front of him, and raised it in the air, advising his followers to drink water. This movement became the talk of the world last week, and millions of people imitated and discussed it, to grab the spotlight from the tournament itself. And the Swedish company “Ikea” for home furniture, took advantage of Ronaldo’s movement, in a new product for it, which became a great interaction on social media. The company promoted a glass bottle it made and used to drink water, which it called “Cristiano”, after Cristiano Ronaldo’s movement in support of waterfall. “A bottle for continuous use to drink water only”, Ikea wrote in the explanation of the product on its website, in a joke that was well received by followers, and the bottle is sold at Ikea for two dollars.

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