In the video.. A question about Real Madrid angers Zidane

In an unfamiliar scene, French coach Zinedine Zidane lost his nerve and got into a heated argument with a Spanish journalist he met on the street. In a video published by the Spanish station, Directo Goal, a Spanish journalist confronted Zidane and his family with a question that angered the French coach a lot. Journalist Sergio Quirante asked Zidane: “Did you leave Real Madrid badly?”, He means, did you leave the team with great differences, whether with the management or the players. Zidane had announced his departure from Real Madrid a few months ago, amid great disagreements with club president Florentino Perez, the reasons for which are not yet clear. And it seems that it was not the first time that Quirante asked this question to Zidane, which angered Zidane, in a way that we have never seen during his training for the “Royal”. Zidane stopped walking and went to the journalist and said in a sharp voice: “You’re still asking the same stupid question?” He continued, “Your work is shameful. It doesn’t change with you. You know me and I know you. Come here and talk to me without the camera.” Then Zidane walked with his children and his wife, while he was wearing a hat and a face mask, an outfit that did not prevent the press from getting to know him.

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