Inauguration of the World Water Cycling World Cup

The competitions of the second round of the World Aquabike Championships, which are held in the American city of Lake Havasu, are entering their serious and decisive stages with the expected competitions, with the participation of more than 500 competitors, representing 35 countries from all continents of the world.

Qatari champion Khaled Al-Mohannadi will be on an important date with the first stage of the strong race for the “seated beginners” category, where he will enter the competitions in this category, after participating in free trials, and therefore Al-Mohannadi will strive to achieve the best possible results in this round in order to continue his series of successes that he started in the round which was the first held in Poland three months ago.

As for the Qatari World Champion Walid Al-Sharshani, he will compete in the strongest category, which is the category of senior professionals throughout the beginning of next week. They are the best and most famous in all water bike racing in the world. Qatar team members began the free trial journey, during which everyone was assured of the readiness of the bikes on the one hand and the extent of the physical and technical focus of the duo, who has the most supportive ambitions in this race.

The support mission in America includes Omar Al-Hamidi, the team manager, the contestant Walid Mahmoud Al-Sharshani in the senior professional category and Khaled Al-Mohannadi in the beginner category, in addition to the technical staff of the team, which includes Mahmoud Al-Sharshani, Badr Al-Sharshani, Daoud Al-Sharshani and Muhammad Al-Sharshani.

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