Iron Man retains the world boxing title

Britain’s Tyson Fury retained the WBC heavyweight title, defeating American Deontay Wilder by knockout in the eleventh round in Las Vegas. In an exciting fight that was witnessed by 15,820 spectators at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, the two boxers put in a great show and each fell more than once on the floor of the ring before the victory was finally awarded to Fury by a knockout in the eleventh round. It seemed that Fury, nicknamed “Iron Man”, was on his way to resolve the duel in the third game when he knocked his opponent to the ground, but the 35-year-old American rose and responded fiercely in the fourth round by dropping the two-time title holder to the ground, according to “AFP”. However, Fury’s size and weight played a key role in determining the course of the fight and exhausted Wilder, who found himself lying on the ropes in the eleventh round, which opened the door for the Briton to rain punches, which led to him falling to the ground without any physical ability to get up. With a tone of defiance, Fury said after the victory, “Never question me,” believing that when the stakes are high, he will always be on time. Fury praised his American opponent, “The strong man who took big punches tonight. It was a great duel like any three-way match in history.” And Saturday’s third confrontation was between the two boxers who tied the first in 2018 in Los Angeles, before Fury won the second by a knockout in the seventh round 20 months ago. The two boxers entered the fencing at their largest weight ever, as Fury exceeded 125 kilograms, while Wilder weighed nearly 108 kilograms. Wilder’s camp revealed that the weight gain was aimed at giving the American boxer the ability to resolve the confrontation with a knockout blow in the first rounds of the fencing, but, despite the harsh punches he delivered to his opponent in the first two rounds, Wilder seemed unable to harm Fury as necessary.

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