Italy’s victory in the Euro could end Messi’s Ballon d’Or hopes

Despite the historical enmity between Argentina and England, Argentine star Lionel Messi may encourage the English against Italy, in the European Nations Championship final on Sunday evening. The reason is because Italy’s victory may “end” Messi’s hopes of achieving the seventh Golden Ball in his history. The fans put Italy’s midfielder Jorginho as a main candidate for the Ballon d’Or, if he succeeds with his country in achieving the European Nations. Jorginho’s nomination comes because of his excellent midfield performance, as well as because he will become the only player to win the Champions League and European Nations Cup this year. Jorginho had previously led his English club, Chelsea, to the Champions League title, at the expense of Manchester City, a few months ago. With Jorginho’s victory, Messi’s chances of winning the Golden Ball will diminish, even if he succeeds in winning the Copa America title on Sunday, at the expense of Brazil. Messi failed to achieve the Spanish League title and the European Champions League title, and was satisfied with the King’s Cup and the League’s top scorer award. So, Messi’s seventh Golden Ball may be at stake, and her fate is at the feet of the England team, on Sunday evening.

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