“Joker” deserves Shabovalov on Wimbledon’s herbal stadiums

Novak Djokovic has sucked the power of the powerful strikes for Indian Dennis Shabovalov to reach his seventh final in Wimbledon’s tennis tournament on Friday by winning 7-6, 7-5 and 7.5 and Serbian player is close to writing history.

In some intervals, Serbian, who is watching or clowns, in front of its 22-year-old rival, but Djokovic has always benefited from his chances of important moments to hit a date on Sunday with Italy Matthew Pretini.

The tenth of Shaboufalov was hoped to become the second Canadian player with Wimbledon’s final and despite good performance in some periods he came out of the tournament and thinks of the mistakes that he may have committed to losing this dream.

The Canadian player achieved 40 points, but every time Djokovic found himself in trouble, the Serbian player has succeeded without casualties where he saved 10 of 11 points to break it and declined 15 easy errors and rejected the offensive for the number of championships. Great with 20 times.

Djokovic won the opening group, although Shabovalov was sent to win and score 5-4 and later saved several attempts to break the transmission in the second group where he pressed his rival on Wimbledon hero five times.

In the third group, Shapovalov continued to pay strikes, but Djokovic finally achieved one of the most difficult victories in three consecutive groups in his career in Wimbledon.

Shapovalov left the stadiums, but showed many lamps that reveal a future champion at the highest levels.

Therefore, Djokovic has been winning 18 consecutive groups since the opening set in the first round in front of the Jack Derar Call Card to extend his victory in Wimbledon to 20 games where another defeat in the quarter-2017.

But he knows well that he encountered difficulties today.

The achievement is approaching

Djokovic said in the stadium “I do not think the results panel reveals a lot about the performance today.

“He was sent to win the first set and perhaps the best party in the second group also had a lot of opportunities. I expect him a bright future. It is a great player.”

Djokovic has now become a single victory from winning his third straight title in Wimbledon, but there is a larger incentive.

If he wins the seventh seventh work on Sunday, America’s open championship will enter the hopes to achieve many significant records such as the title 21 in the four big tournaments and may also become the first player since Road Leaver in 1969 completes winning all major tournaments one year. It has also been a historical year if he won the singles title in the Olympics.

“Every time I hear about approaching one of the records or a sign that I feel greater, but at the same time I must put my feet on the ground and focus on winning the next match,” Djokovic said.

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