Juventus crush Bologona to book their place in the champions league

Juventus ended the season in the Italian Serie A Premier League semi-finals after the Turin club beat Bologna 4-1 while the other results went in their favor. Juventus, led by coach Andrea Pirlo, surpassed Napoli in fourth place after Gennaro Gattuso’s side drew 1-1 with Elas Verona, the midfield team. Cristiano Ronaldo, the Italian league’s top scorer, was surprisingly seated on the bench in the decisive match, but Juventus started strong in his absence and Federico Chiesa put him ahead five minutes later. Alvaro Morata and Adrien Rabiot scored before the break, as Juventus took a comfortable lead and Morata doubled their score at the start of the second half, before Ricardo Ursolini narrowed the lead for Bologna in the final minutes.

“We had nothing to lose, we had nothing to think about more than the teams that were in their hands,” Juventus defender Giorgio Chiellini told the Dazon podium. “Two weeks ago, it seemed impossible to reach fourth place after losing to Milan.” “If we always had this mentality, we would have fought for other goals, but we cannot feel remorse that Inter deserved to win the title,” he added. Juventus players wrapped around a screen outside the stadium to watch the final minutes of the Napoli game against Verona and celebrated with joy when the final whistle blew in Naples to ensure Pirlo’s side secured their place in the semi-finals.

Rapio’s shot rebounded from the crossbar in the first minutes, but Chiesa continued the ball into the net, and Paulo Dybala made Morata’s second goal after a brilliant run with the ball and a smart pass that left the Spanish striker with a simple header, scoring the second goal. Rabiot slipped to add Juventus’ third goal before the break and Morata made it 4-0 at the start of the second half before Ursolini scored the home side’s only goal near the end.

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