Laporta: Super league project “still alive”

Barcelona president Joan Laporta says the controversial Super League project is “still alive” despite being widely denounced as a breakaway from European football. “The project is alive,” Laporta said during a meeting of club members, where he claimed that the competition would generate profits “at least 700 million euros (830.3 million dollars) per season” for Barcelona. Despite opposition from the European Football Association (UEFA), fans and rival clubs, Laporta insisted that the Super League would mean “the financial sustainability of the clubs, and make the competition more attractive”. “Do not force us to apologize for thinking about or organizing a competition, or for wanting to be the masters of our destiny in the world of football,” he added. He described the new old president of the Catalan club, UEFA, as a “de facto monopoly”. Barcelona, ​​Spain’s Real Madrid and Italy’s Juventus are the last three remaining clubs in the project, after the other nine established clubs retreated in the face of opposition from fans, players and organizations. Slovenian UEFA president Aleksandar Ceferin ruled out the possibility of reversing the disciplinary measures against the three clubs, telling AFP on the eve of the Euro 2020 tournament that the trio had “lost the moral and sporting battle”. UEFA suspended legal action against the three clubs “until further notice”.

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