Like Mbappe, stars who broke the hearts of the masses because of “fatal mistakes”

The French team left the Euro 2020 championship from the final price round, after losing on penalties to its Swiss counterpart, in a dramatic match, which witnessed 6 goals during its original time. After the equalizer continued with three goals for the same during the extra games, “lucky kicks” were resorted to, which saw the Swiss team win 5-4, and rise to the quarter-finals, after young striker Kylian Mbappe missed a decisive kick, declaring the end of the roosters’ journey in the European Championship. . After the meeting, Mbappe said through his personal account on “Instagram”: “I apologize for this kick. I wanted to help the team, but I failed. It will be difficult for me to sleep today.” Mbappe’s missed kick brings back bad memories in the minds of the football fans, during which a player’s mistake caused the end of their team’s career with a championship they had hoped to achieve. Roberto Baggio In 1994, the football fans were on a date with a fiery match between Brazil and Italy in the World Cup final, in a tournament that witnessed the brilliance of Italian striker Roberto Baggio, as he was the second top scorer in the World Cup with 5 goals. Before the final, Baggio suffered a hamstring injury, but he was given an injection of painkillers in order to participate in the match, but he did not know that this would lead him to his worst days on the field. After the original time of the meeting ended in a goalless draw, the situation did not change in the extra games, so the penalty shootout was resorted to, which saw Roberto Baggio miss a decisive kick, declaring the “samba dancers” winning the title. Raul Gonzalez The “Euro 2000” tournament witnessed a strong match in the quarter-finals, which brought together the teams of France and Spain, and the first half of the meeting ended with the French team advancing with two goals against a goal. In the second half of the match, there was an opportunity for the Spanish team to adjust the result through a penalty kick, which was calculated in the last minutes of the match, but the former Real Madrid striker, Raul Gonzalez, missed it, ending his country’s campaign in the tournament. David Beckham In the Euro 2004 tournament, the England national team faced Portugal in the quarter-finals, in a fiery match whose original and extra time ended with a positive two-to-one tie, to resort to penalty shootouts, which saw the England midfielder, David Beckham, waste the first penalty kick for his country. In a strange way, the Portuguese team then won and advanced to the semi-finals. One of the fans who watched the match from the stadium, managed to pick up the “Beckham ball” that was on the crossbar, to be offered for sale in an online auction. John Terry The “Champions League” in 2008 witnessed an all-English confrontation in the final between Manchester United and Chelsea, and the original and extra time of the match ended with a 1-1 tie for the two teams. In the penalty shootout, Manchester United star Cristiano Ronaldo missed his team’s third kick. While the Chelsea fans were preparing to celebrate, captain John Terry stepped forward to take the “decisive kick” but missed it, after falling in a strange way while shooting the ball. After that, Welshman Ryan Giggs scored the seventh kick, but Frenchman Nicolas Anelka, a Chelsea player at the time, missed his team’s kick, to win the title.

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