Liverpool “kills” Salah’s dream.. Solskjaer does the opposite

Liverpool grieved millions of Egyptians by preventing star Mohamed Salah from participating with his country in the Tokyo Olympics, a strategy that rival Manchester United did not follow, which allowed those who wanted to participate with his country to do so.

The coach of the Egyptian Olympic team, Shawky Gharib, announced, a few weeks ago, the list of players participating in the Olympic Games in Tokyo, which was devoid of Liverpool star Mohamed Salah.

English reports confirmed that Liverpool prevented Salah from participating in the Olympics, because of its conflict with the start of the English Premier League, and because it is not a major continental championship.

And unlike Liverpool, who stuck to their players before the Olympics, Manchester United coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer had another opinion about the tournament.

“I think everyone when they were young, they watched the Olympics, and when your country calls you, I can’t stand in the way of a childhood dream,” Solskjaer said.

Solskjaer’s comments come after he was asked why he allowed the players Eric Bailly and Amad, to represent the Ivory Coast national team at the Olympics, unlike Liverpool coach Jurgen Klopp, who did not allow Salah to do so.

The English press compared Solskjaer’s position to his rival, Jurgen Klopp, who stood in the way of Salah and played in Tokyo.

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