Liverpool star, Egyptian international Mohamed Salah, moves to play in La Liga

Tibas said in a television interview that Salah’s departure from Liverpool next summer will be extremely difficult, noting that the new Corona virus pandemic “will make his transition difficult”. The President of the Spanish League, Javier Tibas, revealed in a press interview his opinion.” “It will be difficult this summer and I think it won’t be easy to get out of Liverpool so there’s not enough money to get him out, and I don’t think we’ll see big transfers next summer.”

Referring to the possible departure of Lionel Messi from Barcelona, he said: “The possible departure of Lionel Messi from Barcelona and the departure of Cristiano Ronaldo continued: “I hope Mohamed Salah moves to Barcelona or Real Madrid one day, but I think that the financial situation is difficult at the moment for the two teams difficult from the deal in the current period,” as quoted by the Spanish newspaper As.

“I think we are equal to the Premier League, they may have more followers in the West, but we have more followers in the East, and we have a bigger audience in the Middle East and the Arab region,” Tibas said. “We have our own system, which monitors losses, so we’ve cut salaries more than once, we don’t want any club to get into economic crises,” he said

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