London .. 19 police were injured on the night of Italy’s victory over England

LONDON (Reuters) – British police said on Monday that 19 policemen were injured while responding to crowds during a policing operation at the Euro 2020 final between Italy and England, after clashes erupted between fans and officials near Wembley Stadium.

The Metropolitan Police said on Twitter: “We arrested 49 during the day for various offences. Our operation to maintain security for the Euro 2020 final is coming to an end.”

The arrests came after clashes broke out between fans and officials near Wembley Stadium, around which thousands of fans gathered, some of whom managed to storm it.

The Metropolitan Police said on Twitter: “A number of police officers remain on duty helping fans to leave Wembley or central London.”

Earlier, fans without entry tickets stormed Wembley Stadium, and managed to reach the European Championship final match between England and Italy, on Monday night.

Fans were seen standing at Wembley Stadium, but were unable to reach the seats. “A security breach occurred and a small group of fans entered the stadium,” Wembley Stadium said in a statement.

She added that officials are working with hosts and security to get fans who do not have tickets out. It also stated that “anyone inside the stadium without a ticket will be expelled immediately.”

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