Manchester City goalkeeper takes special training to avoid the mistake of united’s den protector

Manchester City goalkeeper Ederson is training to shoot the penalty kicks, in anticipation of a possible recourse in Saturday’s Champions League final against Chelsea.
A video of Manchester City’s training in preparation for the Champions League final against Chelsea was released this evening at the Dragao Stadium in Porto, Portugal, showing Ederson training for the penalty kicks.

Ederson may be preparing for the possibility of resorting to penalty shootouts, to identify the winner, similar to the Europa League final, which brought together Manchester United and Villarreal, last Wednesday, in Poland, and ended with the Spanish team winning penalty shootouts (11-10), after they drew in the original time of the match with a goal each, and additional draw negative, to avoid the fate of The Spaniard David de Gea goalkeeper Manchester United.

The goalkeepers of Manchester United and Villarreal were forced to shoot out the penalty shootout, after he shot all 10 players to the final sides of the Europa League, and the Argentine Geronimo Rowley, the Goalkeeper of Villarreal, succeeded in translating the 11th penalty shootout for the goal of the “golden” victory of the team “Yellow Submarines”, and then countered de Gea ball, to lead his team to win the title of champion “Europa League” for the first time in its history.

The Mirror newspaper revealed last Thursday that David de Gea ignored the instructions of his coaches on penalties in the Final of the Europa League.

The Mirror explained that De Gea spoke with goalkeepers Richard Hartis and Craig Mousun, before the penalty shootout, and gave him a note sheet inside a towel, on which the places preferred by Villarreal players to shoot, but the Spanish goalkeeper ignored these instructions and did not go to the corners specified for him, or slowed down in his last decision.

Many reports suggest that De Gea may leave Old Trafford, the Red Devils’ stronghold, at the end of the season, with Norwegian coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer preferring to rely on Dean Henderson as first guard next season, as well as wanting to get rid of the spaniard’s huge salary from the English club.

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