Maradona’s medical staff faces a premeditated murder

Seven people are under investigation in the case of the death of Argentine soccer legend Diego Maradona last November, where they face charges of premeditated murder, according to what Agence France-Presse learned from a judicial source. The medical staff who was overseeing Maradona’s health, including the neurosurgeon, Maradona’s private physician Leopoldo Locke, the psychiatrist Augustina Kosachov and the psychologist Carlos Diaz, face between eight to 25 years in prison if convicted. A source from the San Isidro attorney general’s office leading the investigation said on Wednesday that the indictment is based on the findings of a panel of experts into Maradona’s death of a heart attack last year. The committee’s report, published on May 1, concluded that Maradona did not receive adequate medical care and was “left to his fate” by his treating team shortly before his death, which led to “inappropriate treatment” that contributed to his slow death. The 70-page report indicated that the medical committee in charge of the investigation, at the request of the judiciary regarding the last hours of the Argentine star, determined that Maradona “began to die at least 12 hours before his death” and endured “a period of long agony”, after undergoing surgery in The brain after a blood clot. The agency “Agence France Presse” quoted the source on Wednesday that “after several grievances, the case was completed. The most important thing is to change the accusation to premeditated murder.” Consequently, the accused are prohibited from leaving the country and must appear for investigation between May 31 and June 14. Two of Maradona’s five daughters, Giannina (31 years) and Jana (24 years), initiated the lawsuit, after holding Loki responsible for their father’s deteriorating health. The prosecution received a series of audio messages showing that the medical team was aware that Maradona was using alcohol, psychiatric drugs and marijuana in the last months of his life. Among the findings of the report, the medical board said that the “signs of danger to life” displayed by the former Napoli and Barcelona star were ignored, and that his care in recent weeks “was marred by shortcomings and irregularities.” The accusations, along with another case related to Maradona’s disputed inheritance, include his five children, brothers and former lawyer Matthias Morla.

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