Mr. Hamad A. Al-Ali

Hi, we created new ways to increase the chance of Athletes by advertising them through TAKATUF magazine. It is the only printed sports magazine in The State of Qatar.

We are representing all of Player, Coach, Athlete Director, Physical Education Teacher, Director of Fitness Center, GYM Teacher, Physiology Instructor, and Sport Therapist. we know how hard it is to connect with intermediaries and sport agencies. Therefore; we decided to advertise you in sport magazine in the state of Qatar.

The players or coaches will be seen in most of Ministries, Federations, sport clubs and schools as well, we are distributing in all Qatari Embassies around the world.

We are accepting all kind of sports such as Football, Basketball, volleyball and Handball.

Meantime, our sport magazine is the only published magazine in the state of Qatar. We are looking forward to get a permission to distribute all over the world in the near future.


  • All members and fans of any sports club are working in the above places.
  • Increase the chance of presentations to players and coaches
  • Players and coaches can be seen in all Middle East countries. We encourage you to invite your fellow friends to benefit and share the same experience, if you agree, please send an email at


Thank you

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