Messi announces with “sorrow” his entry into the club of 200 million followers on “Instagram”

Argentine superstar Lionel Messi, captain and icon of Barcelona, ​​has joined the anti-abuse campaign on social media, initiated by many of the stars of the tournament.

Messi sent a message to his fans and followers on his personal account, through the “Instagram” site, announcing that the number of his followers reached 200 million people on this famous site.

Messi wrote: “I see that I have just reached 200 million people who follow me on this network, but given what is happening nowadays, I will not take this as a way to celebrate, and of course I am grateful for all the love and support I have received on your part, but I think the moment has come to give importance to the people who are Behind these accounts, and I think that behind every account there is a flesh and bone person who laughs, cries and suffers. We are people with feelings. “

He continued, “We raise our voices to condemn the abuse on social networks, and it does not matter if we are celebrities, athletes, referees, or followers of a game even if it is a distant person, and it also does not matter your religion, gender, thought or identity, but no one deserves to be treated.” Bad or insulting, and every day we see and hear insults and abuse worse than before in all social networks, without anyone doing anything to stop this matter, and we must condemn these behaviors with all seriousness and we demand from the companies that run these networks to take all urgent measures against These behaviors. “

Messi called on the fans to help him to stop these actions, saying: “I hope that the 200 million followers will participate with me in this campaign and that they become the reason for their presence on social networks to make it a safe and respectful place and we can share what we want without fear of any offense or we always get rid of racism, discrimination and abuse,” That is why I hope for your support and accompaniment in this campaign, especially as you are part of these networks. “

Messi concluded his message by saying: “I send a big hug to everyone and I congratulate all football fans in Britain on this idea and leading a campaign against racism on the networks.”

The Premier League clubs announced a few days ago that they would lead a “boycott” campaign of social networks, starting Friday, in response to the continuing discriminatory abuses that players and people belonging to football receive via the Internet.

The boycott continues until next Monday, and has won broad support from high-profile sports bodies such as the European Football Association (UEFA), the International Rugby Federation, the English Cricket Federation, the Italian Football Association, the World Professional Football Association (FIFAPro), the International Tennis Federation and other sports institutions and personalities. Famous.

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