Messi asks Barcelona for guarantees to renew his contract

A report by the Spanish newspaper “Marca” stated that Lionel Messi requested guarantees as a condition to renew his contract with Barcelona, ​​​​a desire from the Argentine star that tax matters be completely clear and specific when signing the contract. Messi’s contract with Barcelona expired at midnight on the 30th of last June, and he is now free to sign for any team. According to the Spanish newspaper, Barcelona suffers from poor liquidity and problems related to fair financial play that hinder the renewal of Messi’s contract, so the “Bulugrana” should reduce the team’s salaries first, in order to financially absorb the new contract of its leader. The newspaper indicated that Messi has concerns about the new contract, as the Argentine star wants tax matters to be completely clear and specific from now on. The newspaper pointed out that Messi will go to play in the United States of America within two years, which will put him in problems regarding where he should pay taxes on his deferred money with Barcelona. Reports claimed that Messi will receive 200 million euros in two years with Barcelona in the new contract, with 100 million euros deferred to be paid over the next three years. The newspaper added that Messi wants to obtain guarantees that he will receive the agreed funds when he signs, even in the event of a new wave of the Corona pandemic, and delaying the return of the fans to the stadiums normally. She added that Messi’s recent financial concern is related to the old dues that he has not received yet, and his advisors want to know the possibility of adding them to the new contract. It is noteworthy that Messi is currently with his country’s “Tango” team in Brazil, which is hosting the Copa America soccer tournament.

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