Messi at 34 years old .. Is it time “decode node”?

Argentine star Lionel Messi celebrates its 34th birthday, on Thursday, amid hopes to culminate his legendary care by winning his colleagues in Cuba America, which is currently being engaged in Tango. Messi seeks to win the world’s best player 6 times, to break the “chick”, which wraps with his country in winning a major championship, during his participation in Cuba America. In his first participation in front of Chile, flea was able to record a distinctive goal of a free kick, while a decisive touch of his colleague Gedo Rodriguez in the second game before Uruguay. It’s time, “King of Football” “The current generation of Argentina should take advantage of Messi’s presence to try to win a title who has been missed since the 1990s, we spent a long time without winning titles, Argentina need and worth the title, and it is time to become Messi king. In recent years, the Cuba America has become a real node of Macy, especially after his approach to 2015 and 2016, but defeated the penalty shootout in front of Chile without it in the two versions. The demands from the fans of Missi, to achieve an international title, rose to an international team, enters an adult international event club. The coming days may be crucial to Messe, where he is in the last major tournament in his carefully, before the 2022 World Cup in Qatar next year. The older Argentina, the largest tournament, the host country, Brazil, which has a battalion of the stars at the head of Neymar, who is seeking to achieve the first Cuba American title. Self-football lovers are historically between the two prior to the bone marrow, on July 11, during which the title is one of the former colleagues in Barcelona, ​​Messi and Neymar.

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