Messi is thinking of following the example of the Brazilian players

Lionel Messi, the Barcelona star and the captain of the Argentina national team, is considering joining the list of players opposed to the Copa America tournament scheduled to take place in Brazil this summer. And Casemiro, the captain of the Brazilian national team, indicated in a press statement that his colleagues would not participate in the Copa America if their country hosted it, due to the serious health situation there. The Copa America was scheduled to be held this summer in Argentina and Colombia, but due to the outbreak of the Corona virus there, the South American Football Confederation decided to transfer the venue for the competition to Brazil, to start on June 13. According to the Spanish newspaper, Mundo Deportivo, Messi has a similar position to the “samba” players, and thinks the same way, although he is currently silent. She indicated that the rest of the Argentine players have Messi’s position, and there may be contact between the players of the two teams in the coming days, to talk about this issue. The Spanish newspaper pointed out that there are talks between the senior leaders of the teams participating in the Copa America, in order to agree to boycott the tournament and thus to exert pressure to cancel the competition or postpone it for a later time.

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