Messi’s deal with Manchester

City set the date for winning the signing of Messi and Spanish reports revealed, on Wednesday, that Manchester City has set the date to enter into negotiations with Lionel Messi in order to resolve the deal in the next summer transfer period. The report added: Our sources confirmed that Manchester City is still following Messi, but they decided to adopt a different approach to get his signature, they used a strategy similar to what happened last year when their coach Pep Guardiola spoke with Messi over the phone and explained to him the project Spanish network confirmed that a few of the staff of the English club are still in regular contact with the surrounding Messi and according to sources “ESPN” the English club did not give up but will wait until March or April in order to enter into negotiations with the legend of Barcelona, He earned his services in a free transfer deal. Paris Saint-Germain has recently announced their intention to win the Argentine player, and have caused a sensation about his obvious desire.
According to the report of the Spanish network: According to sources close to FC Barcelona, the way Paris Saint-Germain try to contract Messi is wrong and not favored by the Argentine star, because Leo does not like that noise in the media, does not like the statements that came out of the Parisian club and ends Messi’s contract “33 years” next June, and has the freedom to negotiate with any club since last January

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