Missy… Is it time to leave?

The shocks are coming for The Barcelona team. Barcelona’s last three matches at the European level have seen disappointment after another, starting at the hands of Roma, Then Liverpool, and the latest of which is the historic defeat of Bayern Munich, before the Spanish team continued to weave along the same lines with a terrible fall at home to Paris Saint-Germain 1-4 in the Champions League.

 And Messi during the current season after the leak of his imaginary contract with The Bluegrana, which was an indicator used to leave the Catalan club, another indicator appeared in the defeat of Barcelona against Paris Saint-Germain on the pitch with a big result, all suggest that the Argentine legend may be his last season with the Spanish team. . The Argentine international was close to leaving FC Barcelona at the end of last season before he amended his decision because he did not want to go to court with a club with which he wrote history during the various competitions in which he participated, but with the successive tremors that occur inside the Catalan house could be the end of the current season is the last with the team.

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