Mohamed Salah, Liverpool star, after winning the award for best player in the ranks of “Reds”

Egyptian Mohamed Salah stated that liverpool’s situation is not great at the moment, and the team needs to focus on every game

He won the Player of the Month award for the first time this season, and Mohamed Salah scored six goals in 8 games in December, after being crowned his team-mate and Portuguese striker, Diogo Guetta, in October and November Senegalese striker, Sadio Mane, in September, and the Egyptian star competed for this award Brazilian duo Roberto Firmino and Fabinho.

“Thank you very much.” It’s a beautiful thing, but we just need to win some of the next games.” He went on: “I trust that everything will be the way it should be we just need to stay together and support the team, I want to thank the fans a lot and say thank you to everyone who voted for me

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