Morocco defeats Saudi Arabia by eight clean in the Arab cup

The Moroccan national team swept its Saudi counterpart, 8-0, in a match held on Tuesday, for the third round of the group stage of the Arab Futsal Cup, which is currently being held in Egypt. The two players, Anas Al-Ayyan and Osman Bomzo, scored two goals each, and the rest of the goals were signed by the players Abdul Latif Fati, Ashraf Saud, Youssef Jawad and Idris Al-Rayyes.

The Moroccan national team won two wins in the first and second rounds, following at the expense of the Comoros (3-1) and the UAE (5-1). With a broad victory in the third round over Saudi Arabia, the Moroccan team topped its second group with the full score, and qualified for the semi-finals, where the Bahrain national team, which ranked second in the first group behind the host of the tournament, will face the Egyptian national team.

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