Mourinho reveals Hazard’s secret: That’s why he failed with Real Madrid

Portuguese coach Jose Mourinho revealed a secret about Belgian star Eden Hazard, which may give an explanation for the reason for his failure with Real Madrid, which he moved to two years ago. Hazard has suffered a lot since his move to Real Madrid in 2019, as injuries plagued him and failed to show the level he used to provide with Chelsea, which made him a rich material for the public’s ridicule and criticism of journalists. With his experience in training the Belgian star, Mourinho spoke about the reason for Hazard’s “failure” in the “Santiago Bernabeu” so far, in his interview with “TalkSport”. “Hazard is a great player, but a terrible trainee,” said Mourinho, who will lead Roma next season. He explained, “He comes to training every morning and does not train much. Just imagine what he would have become if he had committed himself to being professional.” Mourinho, who worked with Hazard at Chelsea, confirmed that “what we saw on the pitch with Chelsea of ​​magical skills were not the result of the week’s work, but rather the result of his talents.” Despite Mourinho’s criticism of Hazard on the sporting front, he confirmed that he is a “fantastic person” off the field. Mourinho said: “Hazard is a wonderful person. He is an exemplary family man who keeps his life private and takes great care of his family and his parents.” Hazard is currently participating with the Belgian national team in the European Nations Cup, during which he hopes to regain his level away from the specter of injuries.

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