Mr. Olympia Champion

The Egyptian world champion Mamdouh El Sebaei deserved the Mr. Olympia championship hosted in Orlando City in the United State of America. The hero showed great determination to win and Rami was in the best form and muscle mass at the level of all tournaments he participated in and all expectations were in the player’s interest.
Danis James and Chad, Rami`s coaches stated: we were completely confident in the great level that Rami will show since the beginning of the preparation for the current Mr. Olympia championship.
The world champion Ramy surpassed the champion of the 2019 Olympia Mister Brandon Curry of the United States, who occupied the second place, followed by the third place, seven-time Mr. Olympia champions Phil Heath, the Gift, and the fourth place Mr. Olympia Hady Choopan and the fifth place Mr. Olympia William Bonac.

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