Nasser Al-Attiyah leads the Moroccan Rally

The Qatari world champion Nasser Saleh Al-Attiyah managed to lead the Moroccan Rally in its 21st edition, which represents the fourth round of the World Cup for Cross Country Rallies 2021, which is held under the umbrella and supervision of the International Automobile Federation and will continue until next Wednesday, October 13 The current event, in which a large group of rally stars in the world participate, and the camp (Bivuak) is held in the Zagora region. Al-Attiyah and his French navigator, Mathieu Baumel, in his Toyota Hilux in preparation for the Overdrive team, succeeded in winning the 10 km exhibition stage, recording a time of (5:48) minutes. His Toyota Hilux recorded a time of (5:49) minutes, while the French driver Matteo Serraduri came in third place with a time of (6:05) minutes. Al-Attiyah confirmed that he was happy with his victory in the exhibition stage. He added: We are still at the beginning of the rally, and it is one of the most difficult rallies, and the stars of the game participate in it, and I set my eyes to win it because I love the challenge when the top rally stars in the world participate. Overcoming obstacles in order to achieve our desired goal, which is to win the title for the sixth time. I assure my fans that I am fine and was not affected by the Cyprus incident, but rather it increased my determination and strength in order to achieve victories for my dear country, Qatar.

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