New details about the parachute intrusion in the France-Germany match

The confrontation of Germany and France, in the Group F of the European Cup 2020, on Tuesday witnessed a strange incident, before the start of the whistle was announced, caused by a parachute landing, which caused chaos for a few minutes. The European Football Association “UEFA” said that many people had injuries that required them to be taken to hospital for treatment, caused by a demonstrator who jumped with a parachute to the “Allianz Arena” in Munich, Germany, before the start of the match that France won 1-0. The activist was supposed to drop a ball covered with the green peace logo, on the field, as an expression of protest against the tournament sponsor, but he hit the “spider camera” cables of the television transmission from the stadium ceiling, lost control, hit the fans’ heads, and continued his way to the field. UEFA said in a statement: “This reckless act, which could have had very serious consequences for a large number of people who attended the match, caused injuries to many of the people who attended the match, and they are now in hospital and the legal authorities will take the necessary measures.” . He continued, “UEFA and its partners are fully committed to the sustainability of the European Championship 2020. Several initiatives have been implemented to offset carbon emissions.” “Fortunately, the match was not affected by such a reckless and dangerous act, but many people were injured nonetheless.” The cameras caught the French coach, Didier Deschamps, and members of his team, as they avoided the parachute landing, according to what was published by the German newspaper “Bild”, which confirmed the injury of at least two people, including a fan who had fractures in the face. German police said that the reckless paratrooper was a 38-year-old German, and that he was arrested as soon as he landed on the grounds of the Allianz Arena. “We are considering various criminal charges against him, because the Munich police have zero tolerance for political activities that put lives at risk,” a police spokesman said.

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