Official trials ahead of the fifth edition of the Qatar International Cycling Championships

Cyclist Saeed Al-Sulaiti and driver Ahmed excelled in the final official trials

In preparation for the launch of the first fiery round of SuperStock and tourist cars


 With the participation of 43 riders and eight drivers, which will be held at the Lusail International Circuit


The official race came from the 600CC strongest class competitions that are witnessing

The last seven bikes, strong and enthusiastic in the midst of the great rivalry built all the participants

In the lower class “Truffy”, which sees 13 riders, the Qatari cyclist was able to

Youssef Darwish from recording the fastest time on the lap of two minutes, 8 seconds and 647 parts of

Second in the 300 CC class competitions that are witnessing

The participation of ten riders, the cyclist has registered

Qatar’s Youssef Darwish, who participates in my class on two different bikes, is the fastest time.

In the lap of two minutes, 19 seconds and 066 seconds, the Qatar Touring Car Championship, which sees 13 drivers, and the driver Ahmed Al Asiri shine in the race.

The final official record time is the fastest on the lap of two minutes, 25 seconds and 77 seconds.

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