Officially, Messi is a “free player”. What are the latest developments in renewing his contract?

For the first time since 2000, Argentine Lionel Messi is without a contract with Barcelona, ​​which makes him able to move to any club if he so desires. At the beginning of July, Lionel Messi became free to move to any club, after the expiry of his contract with Barcelona without renewal, despite reports that the “Flea” could sign a new contract before the end of June. Doubts are being raised about the possibility of Messi renewing the contract with Barcelona, ​​at this time, as the player is participating in the “Copa America” ​​competitions, and led his country’s Argentina to the quarter-finals. renewal talks According to a report by the sports website Goal, the two sides are continuing talks to renew Messi’s contract, as Barcelona President Joan Laporta has communicated with Jorge Messi, the player’s father and agent. Given the nature of Messi’s demands and the financial situation of Barcelona, ​​observers believe that the renewal of the contract is still not achievable in the near term. According to Jules, “The Blaugrana” and Messi’s agent are discussing financial and tax issues related to the star’s contract, in addition to the intellectual property rights of his images. In addition to financial matters, reports indicate that Messi wants confirmation from Barcelona to provide players who will form a team capable of competing and winning titles in the next football season, as the club did not win this season the Spanish League and the Champions League. more complexity Messi’s transformation into a “free player” adds more complexity to the development of his contract. . Indeed, La Liga president Javier Tebas has warned Barcelona of the need to reduce players’ salaries, otherwise they will not be able to register Messi before the 2021-22 season. What makes it difficult to renew Messi’s contract is his participation in the “Copa America”, where the player aspires to win the title, knowing that his country will meet Ecuador in the quarter-finals of the tournament. Leaks indicate that the Barcelona administration is confident that Messi will sign a new contract, despite the complications that have become associated with the renewal issue. Renewing Lionel Messi’s contract with Barcelona is the big dream of all Catalan club fans around the world, in light of the great value enjoyed by the Argentine flea, which will make Barcelona lose a lot of its luster and luster and perhaps its fans, if the club’s historical leader decides to put an end to his career with the “Blaugrana”. .

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