Omar Khirbin returns to the Syrian national team

The Syrian Football Association folded the penalty of international Omar Kharbin, the Emirati Al Wahda striker, and his return to the national team.

The announcement was made by Brigadier General Hatem Al-Ghayeb, President of the Federation, during a press conference held by Nizar Mahrous, the new coach of the first Syrian team, who succeeded the resigned Tunisian coach Nabil Maaloul.

Today, Sunday, Al-Ghayeb indicated that the Syrian Federation decided, “at the request of coach Nizar Mahrous, to cancel the sentence of Omar Kharbin, and thus return to the ranks of the Syrian national team.”

The Syrian Federation had punished Kharbin last November by depriving him of representing the national team “permanently” because of what he described as “interfering in the technical matters of the former Tunisian coach Nabil Maaloul” during the training camp in the Emirates and the incorrectness of the accusations made by Kharbin to Maaloul in statements he made to the TV program Al-Suri 90 Minutes and to other media sites in which he said that he will not return to represent the Syrian national team as long as Maaloul is at the head of the technical management.

For his part, Mahrous stressed the need for everyone to cooperate in the process of preparing the team for the third phase of qualifying for the 2022 World Cup. “Our task is difficult because of the short duration and the difficulty of assembling committed professional players with their clubs. A selective local training camp will be set up, starting tomorrow, Monday, dedicated to the local defense and media players to choose the best, especially that the national team He has problems in his back line due to the absence of some players due to injury.”

He added, “I requested contact with the Syrian expatriate players in Europe and Argentina to cover the shortage in some centers, and despite the difficulty of our group’s teams, we will fight fiercely to achieve results that meet everyone’s ambition.”

Al-Ghayeb indicated that several countries will be addressed to choose the team’s supposed land, including Jordan, Qatar and Bahrain, to host the team’s matches in the qualifiers, which will start early next September.

Syria was in the first group along with Iran, South Korea, Iraq, the United Arab Emirates and Lebanon.

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