Preparation of Iraq’s national team

The Iraqi team held two training units at Al-Shaab International Stadium, after a long break due to the Corona pandemic, in preparation for the friendly matches of Jordan and Uzbekistan in the UAE.
The Slovenian coach, Katanic, led the first training unit in the presence of all the players invited to the list, in addition to the professional in the ranks of Al Sailiya, Muhannad Ali. The training unit witnessed the presence of many satellite channels, newspapers, news agencies, electronic communication sites, and a gathering of fellow journalists, and the national team training continues at Adim Al-Shaab Stadium, provided that the delegation leaves for the Emirates. Prime Minister Al-Kazemi visits the national team and directs the allocation of a special plane to transport him to the UAE

‏Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi visited the training of the national team at Al-Shaab International Stadium, and attended the training unit of the Iraqi national team, which is taking place as part of the team’s preparations for the World Cup qualifiers, and was received by the Minister of Youth and Sports, Adnan Darjal, and the President of the Normalization Authority, Iyad Bunyan, and all members of the committee. His Excellency met the players and the coaching staff, that the national team is the pride of the country, and has always united Iraqis in the most difficult circumstances, and it is a source of hope and joy. He urged the players to present the best and raise the name of Iraq high, especially since everyone is awaiting the realization of the wish to qualify for the World Cup. The Prime Minister, Al-Kazemi, directed the allocation of a special plane to transport the national team, granting the players diplomatic passports, and also following up on their entitlement to plots of land, through the achievement of The head of normalization, Iyad Bunyan, thanked the Prime Minister, Al-Kazemi, for the visit, which will have a great positive impact on the players ’performance in the upcoming international matches, and for the moral and supportive support for the team by providing all means of success and overcoming obstacles to achieve the best results in the double Asian qualifiers.
Iraqi Football Association

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