• For Advertisement please the instruction below.
    • Fill up the form.
    • Attach your photo.
    • Write the complete address with postal code and P.O. Box (you will receive the copy of the magazine at this address.)
    • Send your proof of payment to
    • Advertisement (Magazine) publishes once a month.
    • Business Card of Company (Academies, Sports clubs) or of individuals such as ( Player, Coach…).
    • Once we advertise you to our magazine there will be no more refund at all.
    • The content of the advertisement is upon the responsibility of the advertiser only.

Payment Note:

  • Payment is made only through the aforementioned bank account and no payments are accepted for registering players, companies, selling products or advertisements on the site or Takatuf magazine unless payments are sent to the bank account.
  • No payments paid by any of the team members (representatives) are accepted
  • Send the payment receipt by e-mail

Bank Account Details in English

ACCOUNT No: 0224 – 647695 – 043
IBAN: QA79QNBA000000000224647695043
             VILLIAGO BRANCH

Team Members :

The role and tasks of representatives

  • Representatives from Asia, America, Africa, and Europe combined to market players all over the world.
  • Display the name and details of representatives on the website and Takatuf Sports magazine.
  • Communication with sports clubs, players for the purpose of marketing
  • Communicating with companies and institutions for the purpose of advertising and marketing.
  • Registration of players, sports clubs, and companies with symbolic subscriptions.
  • Follow up on the site subscribers, companies, or individuals marketing existing products.
  • Searching for new products for marketing purposes.
  • Writing at least one article a day “supported by a photo, audio, or video.
  • Assuring of making reports and attend meetings according to their schedule, or by email.
  • Conducting only one personal dialogue per month “with a member or an affiliate in a sports club.