Qatar Local Horse Beauty Championship competitions at Longine Field in Shaqab

Competitions of 14 categories after the final arrangements and preparations for the championship have been completed from the horses and the selection of the committee of judges and exhibitors for horses. The tournament will begin with the category competitions, where the first-place finishes qualify for gold, silver and bronze medals. Forty-five0 of the original Arabian horses are competing in the tournament. The tournament will be attended by an international jury consisting of Sheikh Saud bin Abdulaziz Al Thani- Qatar, Tamas Rumbauer – Hungary, Saif Mohammed al-Hajri of: Gideon Rizel Netherlands, Callus G Besti – Germany, Carmelo Zaragoza – Spain, and Tomasz Tarksinski – Poland. The organizing committee of the championship allocated prizemoney to the winners of the first place in the qualifying stage, and the winners of the third place, the director of the arena is The Italian Roberto Chicaroni.

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