Qatar World Cup 2022 will set a model for world cup tournaments

Former Iraqi international star Younis Mahmoud explained that the World Cup will provide an ideal opportunity to correct many misconceptions about our region and the Arab world by getting to know Arab culture and using the best international facilities.
The Ambassador of the High Committee for Projects and Legacy confirmed that the 2022 Fifa World Cup (Qatar) will be a model for the World Cup.
The World Cup (Qatar 2022) will be a global forum where the people of the world will come together to explore different customs and traditions and celebrate the beautiful sport of football after a bitter experience with the Coved-19 epidemic.”

He pointed out that World Cup will undoubtedly raise the level of ambition of the entire Arab countries inside and outside the stadium, in the sense that the Arab teams will increase their enthusiasm to compete in the most prominent world championships, and inject more investment in the construction of infrastructure, and raise the local capacity that qualifies them to do so, to represent the World Cup Qatar 2022 is a defining moment for millions of fans in the Middle East. The organizers of the tournament promised the world that the convergence of distances in Qatar will be a unique feature, and indeed this convergence will be one of the most important advantages of the next World Cup, and thanks to the convergence of distances, fans will be able to attend more than one match per day in a precedent that World Cup fans have never used before.”

Iraqi football star Younis Mahmoud confirmed that the weather in this period during which the World Cup is ideal, said: “I have lived in Qatar and played in the ranks of its clubs for many years, and I confirm that the weather in this period during which the World Cup will be ideal for the practice of football.”

In conclusion, the Iraqi star said: “I did not have the luck to qualify for the World Cup, but by virtue of my participation in the qualifiers and my love for the World Cup, I see that this particular tournament occupies a special place in the hearts of Iraqi fans around the world, and every player dreams of participating in it and every fan wants to support his team in the biggest championship in the world, and as a former player, I renew my support “I would like to see the continued success of the Arab teams in the World Cup, and I hope that one of the teams from our region will climb to the advanced roles in the next World Cup on Qatar,” he said.

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