Qatari Awab Othman Pro, a young Olympic champion (110m / h)

Awab Othman Barro, a young athlete, is considered one of the best country materials in athletics, specifically in the field of barriers. He was able to win the Olympic Youth Games gold in the 110 m / h race that was held in the capital of Argentina from the period 11 to 16 October 2018. This was done during his victory in the total of the two programmed races and he also got the best time 13.17, which is a global achievement for this age group

Awab Othman – IAAF

Awab previously trained, he and his brother Khabib and a group of other heroes like the brothers Zamzum for two years in the category of buds and cubs with the group supervised by the able Algerian captain Hamimi Haj Sahraoui in the Army Club. He had won several national titles before joining the Aspire Academy and then the Qatar junior team under the supervision of British coach Lee Christopher.

After the Al-Jaish Club was dissolved, Uwab joined the Al-Ahly Club during the 2017-2018 sports season and won the Qatar Junior Championship in the 110m / h race.

Despite his young age, he managed to qualify for the semi-finals of the World Youth Championship held in Tampere, Finland (July 2018). He restored the ball during the World Championship of Al-Akbar, by qualifying him for the second round in the 100m race. But a slight injury did not allow him to participate in the quarter-finals.

This season, UAB started in great splendor by winning two races in South Africa where it was banned for the Tokyo Olympics. But the pandemic of corona came to affect the plans, but it does not reduce the resolve of this hostility to reach its goal.

His former coach at the Army Club attested to him seriously and continued attendance of the training sessions. Also, it is always the last to leave the stadium, despite the distance from the training ground at Qatar University. Two years of diligence and fatigue before being chosen among the Aspire Academy players and students.

The International Game Federation also considers the young Uwab Othman one of the largest young talents in the world. Evidence of this consideration is his choice to attend the World Heritage Track and Field Show (Doha, May 1, 2019), during which the world champion’s tournament in the 100m / h American race, Gail Devers, and the big world champion in the American 110m / h race, Alan Johnson ( Alan Johnson)

Awab page on the IAAF website

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