Quarterfinals World Cup

The national handball team qualified for the quarter-finals of the World Championship slot in Egypt, while the Croatian team lost to the Danish world championship holder in the last major matches of the World Cup after beating Argentina 26/25, To qualify our national team to support the Danish team for the quarter-finals. The qualification of our team came with the difference of direct confrontation with the Argentine team after equalization with 6 points, and ended the first ten minutes with the progress of the Argentine team by a difference of 3 goals, 6/3 8/3. 9/4………. 26/25 And then continue to perform well from our team until the last moments, which reduced the support of the result to a single goal by 13/12. At the start of the second half, Al-Ad’s side managed to equalise through Frankis, and the chance to advance soon after Youssef Ben Ali snatched the ball from the Attack of The Argentinian, in the last moments secured by a goalkeeper to support the win 26/25

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