Ramos is in tears, and Real Madrid bids him farewell with the “Video of Achievements”

With tears, veteran defender Sergio Ramos bid farewell, Thursday, to Real Madrid, with whom he had a busy career that spanned nearly 16 years, and thanked the team’s management, expressing his disappointment at his inability to bid farewell to the fans at the Santiago Bernabeu. Sergio Ramoy said he was “excited about his future”, but did not say where he would go, the Associated Press reported. “This is the end of a unique stage in my life,” added the player, who broke down in tears shortly after starting his speech, in the presence of his family, including his wife and four children, and the president of Real Madrid, Florentino Perez. For his part, Real Madrid bid farewell to his player with a video clip documenting his busy career with the team, and lifting him to the cups of the championships he won. The Royal Club announced the departure of Ramos, 35, on Wednesday, after the two parties failed to conclude a new contract. And Spanish media said that there was a need to reduce Ramos’ salary in the event that he stayed at Real Madrid, as he is one of the clubs that suffer financially due to the Corona pandemic. Ramos has played for the Royal Club since his arrival from Seville in 2005, when he was 19 years old. He helped Meringue win 22 titles, including 4 Champions Leagues and 5 Leagues. Ramos’ header in the 93rd minute helped secure the Champions League for Real in 2014. Ramos was left out of Spain’s European Championship squad, having played a few matches last season due to a string of injuries. This is the first major tournament that Ramos has missed since he began playing for the Spanish national team in 2005. Ramos was a player for the Matadors, who won three major titles in a row; Euro 2008, World Cup 2010 and Euro 2012.

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