Referees for the tournament matches a historic precedent that has never happened before at the level of the competitions of the International Federation of Football (FIFA)

They are The Argentine Mariana de Ameda and the Brazilians Edina Alves, Batista, and Noza Pak, some feared this risk and rely on the third woman from Latin America and all the decisions taken by our hands and the staff helped her correct successful experience and previously did not attend the verdicts The third for Doha for the picnic, but they were officially relied on in important matches, whether as an assistant or leading the meeting as referees of the arena and was assigned to meet al-Dahl and the club Ulsan Hyundai champion Of Asia for the ranked match on the fifth place of Brazilian wisdom Edina Alves She was assisted by her compatriot Noza Pak and Argentine De Ameda and managed to lead the match with great ability, with a great focus on her, although the match saw four full goals. Let the refereeing team of the World Cup form part of the club by adopting referees of the gentle sex to lead official matches in a men’s tournament and in a competition such as the World Cup of Clubs, which included six clubs considered the best on their continents.

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