Reports: Embabi wants to leave PSG .. And two teams want toِ annex him

Speculation raises about the future of Frenchman Kilybabi with Paris St Germain, and the 22-year-old player. According to the British Daily Star newspaper, Jabbi said Paris Saint-Germain would like to leave this summer. Among the candidate clubs, Liverpool and Real Madrid, where the two teams are waiting for the extension or termination of French. It is reported that an emerald annexation will cost clubs wishing to get approximately 100 million pounds. Paris St. Germain has decided to sell it. “My request for departure, but it is complex, as we must find enough money to pay for the deal,” according to the newspaper Marca Sports, Daniel Riolo, as saying. “The player does not believe in Leonardo, a sports manager for the tongue of German,” said Riulo. If he did not leave my embroider this summer, it would be free of charge next season. ” Reports highlighted the obstacles to the road to Liverpool’s move, as well as the large amount to pay for a deal from Paris, highlighting the matter of the great salary posed by the French national team.

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