Ricardo Ferretti won’t do him any good in trying to modify something.

The Coach of Tigress said first the atmosphere here is wonderful and the team is excited to play today’s game in order to achieve our first goal in this step, and we have studied our opponent well and we know well that it will not be easy at all so he will not intend to change or invent a certain style in front of Ulsan after 10 years spent with the team and the game will be difficult brazilian Ricardo Ferretti Tigres Onal Mexican in a press conference that it will not help him to try to modify something in Tigress, because his team knows each other and takes and takes It’s years, not a short time, and about the doubts about the participation of Andre Geniak and Carlos Gonzalez said: Andre Geniak is training well, but Carlos still needs the approval of the team doctor, and we will play against a hard working team and here lies the difficulty of the task because there is a competitor that does not deserve respect or easy. We will play the game very seriously and modestly we are keen on the player and I will talk to him to see if he is 100% ready so I will not risk the integrity of any players, if Carlos Gonzalez is not ready I will not risk it.

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