River plate of Argentina plays without a goalkeeper in “Copa Libertadores”

The ancient Argentine River Plate will have to hire a field player to fill the goalkeeping position for their Copa Libertadores match, according to local press.
20 players were infected with the Corona virus in the ranks of River Plate, who is scheduled to face Independiente Santa, Colombia, in the capital, Buenos Aires, this evening, Wednesday, in the South American Championship, parallel to the European Champions League, in the "old continent."
According to several local reports, the South American Football Association (CONMEBOL) rejected the four-time continental championship title-holder River Plate's request to summon two youth team guards, after the outbreak of the Corona virus in the ranks of the first team, and his four bodyguards were all infected with the rapidly spreading virus (Franco Armani, German Lux, Enrique Bologna and Franco Petrule).
According to reports, (CONMEBOL) rejected River Plate's request because it presented a list of 32 names instead of 50 allowed in the competition. Coach Marcelo Gallardo has ten players available for the match that could be crucial in their quest to reach the knockout rounds. One of the defenders is expected to play Jonathan Maidana, Milton Casco or Thomas Lisanda in the goalkeeping center. Dias occupied this position in the domestic cup match, which the team lost to eternal rivals Boca Juniors on Sunday when River played in the absence of 15 players. River ranks second in Group D behind Brazilian Fluminense, while Santa is trailed behind his compatriot Atlético Junior, four games before the end of the first round, but the four teams have a chance to reach the knockout rounds.

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