Ronaldo clings to one of his last chances with the Portuguese national team

15 years after his first participation with the Portuguese national team in the big tournaments, the famous football star Cristiano Ronaldo is looking forward to winning his second title with his country in one of his last chances in the big tournaments. At the age of 36, Ronaldo realizes that his chances of participating in major tournaments with his country are limited. Therefore, Ronaldo will compete in the upcoming European Nations Cup (Euro 2020) in defense of the title, especially as it may be his last participation with his country in the European Championships, especially since he will be thirty-nine years old when the activities of the next edition start in 2024. While Ronaldo’s luster has decreased relatively since his move from Real Madrid to Juventus, the player managed to maintain his good scoring record and topped the list of Juventus scorers in the Italian league in the past two seasons. Ronaldo scored 31 goals for the team in the 2019/2020 season to occupy the second place in the competition’s top scorer list, five goals behind Shiro Immobile, while 29 goals for the player were enough to top the competition’s scorer list in the past season. The player scored 21 goals in his first season with Juventus 2018/2019. In addition to his many records at the level of the clubs he played for, as well as individual awards and collective titles that he won during his career with these teams, Ronaldo has more than a record with his country, foremost of which is that he has the largest balance of international matches with the team with 173 matches. Ronaldo also holds the title of historical top scorer for the Portuguese national team, to be the most prominent scorer with his country at the level of all European football teams throughout history. But the player is currently seeking to achieve a greater achievement, which is to become the historical scorer at the level of the entire world teams, where the retired Iranian Ali Daei is still the only one ahead of him in the list of players who scored the most goals with their national teams with 109 goals, compared to 103 goals for Ronaldo. The opportunity appears strongly in front of Ronaldo to equalize and break a record. But these records will not be the only goal of the famous Portuguese star, but he is looking forward to prove that he is still able to give while waiting for a good opportunity to play in one of the big clubs next season. And Ronaldo ended his first participation with the Portuguese national team in the major tournaments with tears streaming from his eyes after the 1-0 loss against the Greek team in the Euro 2004 final, which witnessed the closest opportunity for Ronaldo to win a title with his country before turning into the worst memory of his football career so far. The Portuguese national team in Euro 2016 did not have the same many chances that he had in 2004 when Brazilian Luiz Felipe Scolari was coach of the team, especially since he played the 2004 championship at home. But the Portuguese team blew up the surprise in 2016 and won the European title in France. Despite this, Ronaldo’s joy remained incomplete in light of his failure to fully participate in the Euro 2016 final, as injury forced him to leave early in the match to watch the team’s victory from outside the field. When the Greek team qualified for the Euro 2004 final in Portugal, there was optimism among the Portuguese supporters that the victory would go to the hosts, but the team began to deal with its Greek opponent with the required seriousness after it was too late. And all Portugal cried for this defeat in the final, which was a violent shock to Ronaldo, who was nineteen years old at the time. There was no other opportunity similar to Ronaldo with the Portuguese national team after that, despite the increasing importance of the player to the team over the years, as he became a prominent international star in the football sky. Ronaldo and his team returned the opportunity in the last edition of the European Championship (Euro 2016), and the team seized it this time. Prior to this achievement, Ronaldo had to live with the Portuguese failure in the major tournaments over the past years. This Portuguese failure was evidence that no team can count on one star, even if that star is Ronaldo. After Euro 2004, the Portuguese national team gradually lost a number of its prominent stars, such as Rui Costa, Luis Figo and Deco, and the team did not find the stability it sought, as a number of coaches trained. But in Euro 2016, the team relied on more than one star, although Ronaldo remained the most prominent. Now, the number of superstars in the squad appears larger and more experienced, but Ronaldo remains the leader who can push the team back to the podium if the player appears at his high level. Portugal fans hope that Ronaldo is already ready for the European Championship and is not currently focused on his future with clubs. Ronaldo scored goals of various kinds, including close shots, including headers and free kicks. This is the Ronaldo that Portugal fans dream of at Euro 2020.

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