Ronaldo ignites communication sites on his future

Amid the debate around his next destination, the Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo, the sites of social media, and word.

Ronaldo published a picture of his Rolls-Royce, which is approximately $ 1.1 million, with a very luxurious watch.

But the controversy did not ignite the very precious Ronaldo, but the phrase by “Don” commented on the picture.

Ronaldo wrote on the picture: “Day of Resolution,” which raised the comments, which exceeded 100,000 comments on the image in an instagram, until the time of the report.

Ronaldo comes down a storm of speculation in recent weeks, on the possibility of his departure from the Italian Juventus.

Ronaldo has not yet announced his stay with the “old lady,” which opens for expectations for his arrest for Paris Saint-Germain, or return to Manchester United, his old club.

It is not known now, what was the purpose of Ronaldo on “Day of Resolution”, and whether already made a decision related to his football fate, or is it just a “fatigue” of its broad fans.

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