Ronaldo outside the green rectangle .. a source of income that generates a lot of money

In addition to his brilliance in the green rectangle, Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo has proven his strong influence on the business and marketing sector, as his removal of the “Coca-Cola” can of drink at a press conference during the Euro 2020 competition caused a decline in the company’s market value by about 4 billion dollars. Marketers are aware of the influence of celebrities on consumers, especially those who are followed in large numbers like Cristiano Ronaldo, who, as of this writing, has 309 million followers on his Instagram account. In contrast, celebrities from companies and brands earn huge amounts of money to promote their products, using direct or indirect methods, and pass the messages that marketers want. A statistic issued by Hopper HQ put Ronaldo on the list of the most profitable influencers for their Instagram posts, at $1.6 million per post. And the “Statista” database for data and statistics recently published a list of the most expensive celebrity posts on “Instagram” in 2021, as it came as follows: 1- Cristiano Ronald – $1.6 million. 2. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson: $1.52 million. 3- Ariana Grande: $1.51 million. 4. Kylie Jenner.. $1.49 million. 5. Selena Gomez – $1.47 million. 6. Kim Kardashian: $1.42 million. 7- Lionel Messi: $1.17 million. 8. Beyoncé $1.15 million. 9. Justin Bieber – $1.11 million. 10. Kendall Jenner $1.05 million. In addition to these amounts that Ronaldo earns, he receives an annual salary from Juventus of 32 million euros, according to a report by the “Sky Sport Italia” network. The network indicated that his salary represents an obstacle to his transfer to another club, given the inability of any team to pay such an amount in light of the difficult financial conditions that afflict the world of football as a result of the outbreak of Covid-19.

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