Russia protests to UEFA over Ukraine’s Euro 2020 shirt

The Russian Football Association announced that it has written to UEFA to condemn the new shirt of the Ukrainian national team at the European Cup, which begins on Friday, because it has painted the Crimea and national emblems. And the Russian media quoted the local football federation as saying that in this letter addressed to the European Football Association “UEFA”: “We draw attention to the use of slogans with a political background on the shirt of the Ukrainian national team, which contradicts the basic principles of the UEFA regulations in Regarding sports equipment. “Football is a sport that should be kept out of politics. By agreeing to such a uniform, UEFA is setting a precedent because in any next major tournament we will see other teams trying to use their uniforms for political messages.” On Sunday, the head of the Ukrainian Football Association, Andrei Pavelko, revealed, through his account on “Facebook”, the uniform of his country’s national team participating in the continental championship, and on the shirt the Russian Crimea is part of the map of Ukraine. The presentation of the new sports uniform came as part of a new campaign from Ukraine, confirming Kiev’s adherence to considering the Crimea, which was returned to Russia based on the results of a popular referendum in March 2014, “Ukrainian territory under temporary Russian occupation.” The Ukrainian national team plays in the European Nations Championship in Group C along with the Netherlands, Austria and North Macedonia, while Russia plays in Group B along with Belgium, Finland and Denmark. The “Euro 2020” competitions will start on Friday and will last for a whole month, with the participation of 24 teams. The tournament was supposed to be held in the summer of last year, but it was decided to postpone it for the current year due to the crisis of the Corona virus pandemic.

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